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Sometimes, the best stories begin with the simplest intentions.

For us, the art of gemstone jewelry making started as an escape during the uncertainties of the COVID era. Little did we know then that this hobby would evolve into such a powerful form of self-expression, sparking creativity and a deep passion for crystals.

You see, we realized firsthand that every bead and stone carries an intention and a story. Now, we want to share this transformative experience with you

Meet the Beads & Stones Box — your gateway to crafting jewelry as timeless as the crystals themselves!

As our collection of gemstones expanded, so did our bond with each crystal. This wasn't just about jewelry; it was about soulful connections. 

We dived deep, learning the art, mastering techniques, and dancing alongside the maestros of jewelry crafting.

And then, like a gem waiting to be discovered, our purpose became clear: to let others feel the thrill, the joy, the magic of intentional crafting.

Just like that, the Beads & Stones Box was born!

Every month, we handpick ethically sourced gemstones from all around the globe. We also collaborate with the most experienced artisans to create exclusive designs and projects you won't find anywhere else. 

And for those who're new to this craft? Worry not. Our detailed instructions will guide you through every step, ensuring your journey is smooth, fun, and immensely rewarding.

Wondering how to jump into jewelry crafting? Or perhaps you're a seasoned artist in search of fresh inspiration?

Dive into the Beads & Stones Subscription Box — where passion meets craft and where every bead becomes a chapter in your ever-evolving story. 

Join us and let’s craft tales of beauty, bead by bead!